Interactive Maps and Charts

ClimVis supports you in the processing of your data to generate interactive maps for web applications.

Data formats: CSV, Excel, Shapefile, GeoJSON
Tools: R, QGIS, leaflet

Interactive Maps

Cultural and geographical regions

Shown is the percentage of respondents with an immigrant background in Germany to their country of origin. For this evaluation, six cultural and geographical regions are defined by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Read more…

Administrative Areas: Federal Statistical Office of Germany (DE)

HaushaltsabfälleShown is the total volume of household waste [kg] per capita for the year 2013 and the administrative regions of Germany. Therefore, data from the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy was used. Read more …

Postal code areas: Energymap of Germany

Energiekarte solarThis Energymap shows the regional distribution of solar power plants for two-digit postal code areas in Germany (last updated August 2014). The installed capacity [%] refers to the overall performance of all solar power plants in Germany. Read more …

United Nations Statistics Division: Worldwide Sex Ratio

UN_Gender-RelationThe interactive map shows the global sex ratio of the total population in December 2012. This data is provided by the UN. Countries with more women then men are colored in red, countries with more men blue and countries with the same amount of women and men are colored in green. Read more…

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