Worldwide Sex Ratio

The interactive map below shows the global sex ratio of the total population in December 2012. This data is provided by the UN. Countries with more women then men are colored in red, countries with more men blue and countries with the same amount of women and men are colored in green.

Sex ratio is the amount of women per 100 men for each country in the world. There are significant similarities within and differences between the various cultural groups:

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Data Source: United Nations Statistics Division and Natural Earth

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In the “Western world” (Western Europe, North America, Australia), there is a slight surplus of women of less then 105 women per 100 men. An exception is the North Atlantic region with a balanced sex ratio (Norway, Ireland) and a strong surplus of men (Greenland).

The slight surplus of women in Western Europe is rising towards the former European Eastern Bloc states to over 105. and in the states of the former USSR the sex ratio rises to over 110 women per 100 men. The largest portion of women (117) can be found in Estonia, Latvia and the Ukraine.

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The largest surplus of men is in the states of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia (81 women per 100 men), Oman (69), the United Arab Emirates (44) or Qatar with the lowest sex ratio of 32! These states represent the heartland of the Arab-Muslim men surplus region. This region also includes the Maghreb countries of North Africa, the countries of the Levant as well as Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan with almost exclusively slight surplus of men.

India and China are also male-dominated with a sex ratio of 94 and 93. In Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan the sex ratio is quite balanced.

At the first sight, Sub-Saharan Africa shows a differentiated picture: countries influenced by Islam have a slight surplus of men, like Nigeria and West Africa. In Southern Africa the proportion of women is rising and the sex ratio is mostly balanced.

In Latin America, there is sometimes a slight surplus of women or gender balance.